How Not To Handle a Protest in a Democratically Elected Republic

By Tim Mooney

Canada's Prime Minister is like so many others - from US Governors, to now two US Presidents, to other "democratic" leaders worldwide – handling peaceful protests entirely wrong.

But first, what's right -- the right to protest itself. Our First Amendment - unique in the western world - gives us the Constitutional right to gather, speak, petition our government, for a free press to report about it, and our right to pray to our chosen God asking for their divine intervention.

Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and elsewhere have no similar First Amendment rights, but do have a rule of law. China, Russia and elsewhere have neither.

Our First Amendment does not give us the right to block roads, destroy property, or inflict bodily harm on another. The BLM protests did all three. The Canadian protests are doing the mildest one of the three.

Trudeau, frustrated with the protests, has reacted by suspending the rule of law, to literally steal Canadian protestors' money and property.

Some in the US media and DC Think Tank cafe society, having never been in a truck or met a trucker, are cheering Trudeau on, with a common refrain of - "Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks" - so said Obama administration terrorism expert and CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem.

Ahhh...Ms. Kayyem...if you slash the tires and drain the diesel (it's not gas in the tanks) how will you then move the trucks?

Here's what has not been said by Trudeau or any other democratically elected official anywhere -- "Convince someone in the Canadian Parliament to introduce a bill, and win a majority vote, to change what you're protesting." In other words, call the Canadian Truckers’ bluff that majority support is on their side.

If Trudeau, or Biden or Trump or any of about 40 US Governors, R's & D's both, or leaders in any other democracy in the world, had originally sought the consent of the governed, as represented by their duly electeds, to impose these draconian measures, there wouldn't be protests in Canada, or similar renditions throughout the world.

Rather, in every supposed democracy, undemocratic rules have been imposed, rather than laws passed. So, when these undemocratic rules meet with public protests, further undemocratic actions are our leader's only response.

If Trudeau, or Biden, or Whitman in Michigan, but by example, thought their covid rules were rational, they would not be worried, but rather would encourage a democratic affirmation of such actions.

Can anyone show me anywhere in the world where a Legislature or Parliament has sought and received a majority vote for any of these covid restrictions?

Undemocratic and random rules, when not followed by the public, beget more undemocratic and random rules to enforce the original rules.

It's what led to a Boston Tea Party...and Canadian Trucker protests.

Let's hope what comes from the latter can equal what came from the former, perhaps without the need for seven years of a revolutionary war it spurred, some two and a half centuries ago.

Tim Mooney is a nationally recognized political consultant from Cave Creek, Arizona